You may be eager to get started drilling your well, but there are many things you'll need to do in order to prepare yourself. Most importantly, you'll need to find the right place on your property to drill your water well. You will want to figure out where you can find sweet water rather than water that is very mineralized. There are several techniques you can use to find safe and drinkable water.

Understand the Geology of Your Property

You may be able to determine how much rock is underneath your property based on rock outcroppings. The rock outcroppings are typically an extension of rock underground. However, this does not necessarily mean that the rocks are very big. If your property is built upon a large amount of rock, you will find water flowing through cracks in your rock. However, these cracks can be relatively difficult to find. 

Avoid Drilling Near Sources of Contaminants

Bacteria can travel farther than you might think. You will want to make sure not to drill your well near a septic tank or leach field. Otherwise, your well water will be more likely to become contaminated with pathogens that spread disease. 

Your well needs to be capped and protected. However, you will still need to worry about water run-off. The well site should be elevated so that the water runs away from your well rather than running toward it. Try to keep your well a substantial distance away from rivers, streams, and ponds.

Look for Research That Has Already Been Done

There is likely already research that has been done on the geology of your area. You can use this to determine the best location where you can drill a well. The U.S. Geological Survey publishes maps that can be useful. This organization has a series of test wells that provide data on water table levels and aquifer levels.

Hire a Water Surveyor

Rather than engaging in exploratory drilling, it is better to take advantage of the latest technology used by water surveyors. Exploratory water drilling is expensive and time-consuming. It will leave holes on your property that will not be very attractive. You might simply not find a good source of water using this method. You may save more money by hiring water well drilling services to handle the entire process for you.

However, once you have successfully drilled a well, you will have access to natural water and will be able to save money on your water bill. You will also be able to live off-the-grid and feel much more self-sufficient.