Many people find it hard to pick tooth replacement options that can help restore their smiles. Sometimes what may worry you the most is waiting to get your teeth replaced. Luckily for you, with immediate dentures, you don't have to wait for what may feel like a lifetime to replace your missing teeth.

Now that you have same-day dentures in your list of options, the next question would be your candidacy for the dentures. Read on to find out more before you schedule that dental appointment.

You Have a Few Missing Teeth

The first criterion used to determine if you are the ideal candidate for same-day dentures is displaced teeth. Whether all or some of your teeth are absent, you are eligible for partial or full same-day dentures. Depending on your oral space's condition and the type of teeth alignment you desire, your dentist will create a mold of your missing teeth and create the perfect teeth replacement structures.

You Need a Fast Solution

Same-day dentures, also known as immediate dentures, allow you to visit the dentist, get examined, and go home with a set of dentures. As the term suggests, you don't have to wait for weeks or days for your teeth to get replaced. If you need a quick solution, or if you don't want to suffer anymore embarrassment, immediate dentures provide the perfect solution.

You may also opt for same-day dentures as a temporary solution as you prepare for a more permanent solution such as dental implants. This dental tool is mostly recommended for patients who undergo tooth extraction and have to wait for a while before going back to the dentist's office for an implant. Same-day dentures can mask the removed teeth, which may save you the embarrassment.

You Have Other Dental Problems

Other than missing teeth, your teeth could be suffering from chips and cracks, or perhaps they are generally unhealthy. Instead of preserving severely damaged teeth behind dentures, your dentist might recommend taking them out and fitting in dentures to allow healing before deciding whether you need a more permanent tooth replacement treatment such as dental implants.

Many people have missing teeth that need to be replaced. Generally, they will pass as excellent candidates for immediate dentures. However, you may want to find a dental clinic equipped with the technology to allow fast service and same-day dentures. This is all you need to restore your smile today. Contact a dentist for more information about same-day denture services.