Using hand sanitizer is a good way to keep your hands clean and sanitary without having to use water. When you think about buying hand sanitizer, you might typically think about buying hand sanitizer with an alcohol base. After all, this is the most common and popular type of hand sanitizer that you will probably find in most places. However, you do have alcohol-free options. You may want to start shopping for alcohol-free hand sanitizer for these reasons and more.

Your Skin Gets Dry When You Use Hand Sanitizer

Although you might like the idea of using hand sanitizer to quickly and effectively sanitize your hands, you might have noticed one negative side effect of using it: dry skin. If this is something that you have struggled with when using hand sanitizer in the past or if you just have dry skin in general, you may want to opt for an alcohol-free hand sanitizer. Then, you might find that you can use hand sanitizer more frequently without having to worry about the negative side effect of having dry skin.

You'd Prefer a Hand Sanitizer That Smells Good

When using alcohol-based hand sanitizer, you might have found the smell of the hand sanitizer to be unpleasant. If this is the case, then you might want to check out alcohol-free hand sanitizer. Then, you don't have to worry about the strong smell of alcohol each time that you use hand sanitizer. You can even specifically look for a scented alcohol-free hand sanitizer option for an even more pleasant smell.

You're Worried About Flammability

As you might already know, regular hand sanitizer—and other products that are made primarily from rubbing alcohol—can be highly flammable. This can be dangerous if you are working around open flames or if you otherwise think that the hand sanitizer might come in contact with heat or a flame. If you are worried about flammability—such as if you are looking for a good hand sanitizer to use in your commercial kitchen or industrial business—then you might want to purchase alcohol-free hand sanitizer. Then, you and your employees or others who will be using the hand sanitizer can feel a whole lot safer, and you shouldn't have to worry about any serious and dangerous accidents happening.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is not your only option. If any of the things listed above are true for you, it might be time to shop for alcohol-free hand sanitizer instead.