Many retailers practice a standard way of handing over change and receipts. Customers often stick cash, coins, and paper receipts into a purse or a wallet and may not pay any mind to the transaction until they get home. One frustration that a consumer may encounter is not being able to find a specific receipt without needing to dump out the contents of their pocketbook or purse. Break this cycle by directing your cashiers to use custom circle stickers to secure receipts to bags. The stickers can also be used as an effective way of advertising.

Plan How The Stickers Will Be Used

Your main objective may be to use custom stickers as holders of paper receipts, but you can also hand out promotional stickers to adults or children. Stickers that contain your business name, smiley faces, or pertinent details about current or upcoming promotions can be used during specific occasions. For example, if you choose three distinct circle sticker styles with one that is going to be used solely for the receipts, provide each cashier with plenty of sticker sheets so that they can secure each customer's receipt to one of their bags.

As for the other two styles, hand the stickers out during special events. Give small children the smiley face stickers and provide the adults with the stickers that pertain to a new sale or a product that you are selling. Don't stick to one sticker color or size if you want each design to stand out and be unique.

Choose larger circle stickers that are brightly-colored, for detailed descriptions and price lists and use smaller round stickers that contain your business name and a simple greeting, such as 'Thank you for doing business with us!', when a receipt is going to be secured to a shopping bag.

Pick Special Features

Don't settle for a "flat" appearance, especially if you want each sticker design to pop. Use three-dimensional lettering, a hologram layout, or a UV-resistant coating to give your custom stickers an edge over adhesives that your competitors may be using. If you are not certain how the sticker upgrade will work for your business or you haven't decided upon the best features that will make the stickers both attractive and effective for advertising, order a small quantity of each sticker design that appeals to you.

Test out the addition of the stickers during business hours and during occasions when you will be promoting your business at a job fair or a trade show. Once you and your staff members become accustomed to using the adhesives, you may choose a few favorite sticker styles and can order them in bulk. 

To learn more, contact a custom circle sticker supplier.