Have you been considering a whole house water filter but aren't quite sure if you should make the investment? If so, then you need to take some time to determine if your water quality could benefit sufficiently from water treatment. The following can help you with this decision.

Are you on municipal or well water?

Municipal water sources have to undergo rigorous rigorous testing, and the results of these tests are made publicly available so you can be sure there are no contaminants in the water supply. If you are on a private well, the responsibility of scheduling and paying for testing falls upon your shoulders. Although it's important to keep abreast of annual testing, there is also more chance of contaminants leaching into your water undetected from nearby sources since you likely won't test nearly as often as a municipality. A whole house treatment system will provide peace of mind between testing.

Does the water taste bad?

There's no need to put up with bad tasting water. Even municipal water sources can taste bad, since off flavors can come from harmless minerals in the water supply. Hard water and over-chlorinated water are two common reasons for off tasting water. A carbon filtration system or similar can easily remove the bad taste so that your water taste as good as fresh water from the purest of sources.

How old is your home?

Older homes were often built with lead pipes. Although water tests from wells and municipal water sources may show no contaminants, there could still be contamination within the house due to these older lead pipes. Lead was used in plumbing pipes up into the 1980s. If you are unsure whether you have lead pipes, installing a treatment system to remove any possible lead is the safest course of action.

Do you have hard water issues?

Hard water is hard on pipes, fixtures, clothing, and people. Mineral buildup from hard water can coat and obstruct pipes, as well as leave unsightly spots on fixtures and glass. Worse, the mineral buildup can shorten the life of some appliances, like dishwashers. Hard water may also stain clothing, lead to itchy skin, and dull your hair. A whole house treatment system that removes the excess minerals solves the issue.

Water treatment can remove life threatening contaminants, such as pesticides and lead, as well as inconvenient but otherwise safe contaminants, like hard minerals. Contact water treatment installation services like Olympic Springs Bottled Water if you have further questions.