Everywhere you look in today's world, you'll see signs — and when you're trying to make your business stand out from the crowd, that's a potential problem. There's no point in spending money on custom business signs only to watch them disappear in a sea of competing messages and graphics. Here are three important strategies to remember and implement when you're creating that next custom made decal, window sign or billboard poster.

1. Communicate Your Brand

When you see a bright red target symbol or a chevron of red and blue stripes, you don't have to squint for the company name to know what you're looking at. Do you have an instantly identifiable brand logo? If so, make sure to display it prominently on all of your signage. By doing so, you'll clarify any confusion about whose sign viewers are seeing and you'll also reinforce that imagery so that your company can stay "top of mind" with your audience. Don't forget to use consistency in your color scheme as well. Your company colors are an integral part of your brand, so show them off with your custom business signs.

2. Design for Visibility

Have you ever zoomed past a billboard that looked like it might be really compelling — if only you'd had time to read it? Large overhead signs such as billboards are typically made and positioned so that they're readily visible to road traffic. Keep in mind, however, that a driver going 60 or 70 miles per hour may not be able to read a complicated or cluttered message. Simplify your statement as much as possible, ideally paring it down to a few compelling words. At the same time, try to calculate how far ahead of your store your signage should be positioned. If you don't give drivers sufficient time to react and take a convenient exit, your billboard or storefront sign may not draw the traffic you'd hoped.

3. Go for Easy-to-Read, Right-Sized Fonts

You've selected your colors, added your logo, and optimized your sign's messaging and position. Now you have one more, equally important task: making your text as readable as possible. The choice of font can make all the difference in helping your reader understand your sign. Go for sans-serif fonts, which offer the cleanest lettering styles. Select a thick, bold type in the proper scale for easy viewing from your parking lot, across the street, or up the freeway — depending on the audience you're aiming for. Choose a font color that stands out in the starkest possible contrast to the sign's background colors.

Signage can play an integral role in your overall marketing strategy, but only if you take full advantage of this medium's power to communicate clearly and effectively. Contact your local signage experts to discuss your needs and goals!