If you plan to consume wine and other alcoholic beverages during the holiday season, you might worry about increasing your blood sugar levels. A high blood sugar content can be dangerous for people who have diabetes or who are borderline diabetic. Here are ways you can keep your blood sugar levels down and still enjoy the holiday season.

Drink Your Beverages Straight or Responsibly

Although gin, brandy, and a number of other whiskeys and hard liquors don't have sugar in them, while mixed drinks, such as pina coladas, daiquiris, and creme de menthes are high in sugar. Mixed drinks usually contain ingredients that make them taste sweeter than they naturally would, including pineapple, strawberry, and mint. Wines made with red and white grapes may also contain a high sugar content.

If you choose to drink alcohol this holiday, consider consuming your beverages straight. You also want to monitor how much straight liquor you consume during the season. Alcohol of any kind has the potential to cause cancer of the liver, colon, and heart, so be sure to drink in moderation this holiday season.

Add Prickly Pear to Your Diet

In addition to drinking your beverages straight, consider adding prickly pear to keep your blood sugar low. Prickly pears (or nopales) are unique cacti that grow in Mexico and several regions in North and South America. The plants are often used to flavor various cuisines, including soups and desserts. Prickly pears may also keep your blood glucose levels in check.

Prickly pears contain antioxidants and various other substances that fight inflammation within the body. The plant may also have an effect on how much insulin and glucose enter your blood when you eat and drink. Prickly pears may provide the best benefits if you consume them before your main meal.

If you're interested in trying prickly pear, speak to your doctor about whether or not prickly pear is right for you. If your doctor approves, contact a prickly pear supplier and request more information about their products. You can consume prickly pear in its natural state, or you can consume the plant as a beverage, candy, jam, or syrup. Some suppliers offer concentrated prickly pear serums and supplements. A supplier can help you select the product that provides the most effective benefits to you.

Learn more about the blood-sugar-lowering benefits of prickly pear by contacting a product supplier, such as ArizonaCactusRanch, today.