Accordions are some of the more rare instruments that individuals may learn to play. This can lead many potential accordion players to have a poorly developed or completely inaccurate understanding of the process of buying and learning to play this instrument.

Myth: Only Young Children Can Learn To Play The Accordion

Many adults may wish to learn to play a musical instrument, but they may assume that this is only a skill that small children will be able to learn. While young children may be better able to quickly learn the basics of playing the accordion, it is still possible for adults to effectively learn to play this instrument. Due to the uniqueness of this instrument, previous experience with other instruments may not be as important of an advantage as people may assume. Luckily, there are accordion instructors that are able to teach students to play these instruments regardless of their previous musical knowledge or experience.

Myth: An Accordion Will Be An Extremely Large Instrument

The amount of space that a musical instrument will require can be another factor that people will need to consider as they are making a choice. People will often assume that an accordion will be a bulky instrument to store. However, it can actually be among the more compact musical instruments that a person will be able to learn to play. For example, an accordion in a storage case will typically be much smaller than keyboards, guitars, violins and other popular instruments that people may want to learn. This can allow for the accordion to easily be stored in a closet or even under the bed so that it will take up as little space as possible in the home.

Myth: Used Accordions Are Always Extremely Unreliable

When you are making a decision about the type of musical instrument to buy, you will have to assess whether you want to invest in a new or used instrument. While a used musical instrument can allow you to substantially reduce the cost of this purchase, it is important to follow some best practices to avoid buying a used accordion that has problems. One way to do this is to only purchase used instruments from a professional retailer. These services will thoroughly inspect their used instruments to make sure that they are in good enough condition to sell to a customer. Additionally, these providers are more likely to offer warranties or quality guarantees that can protect you if a problem with the accordion is only found after you have purchased it.

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