When a loved one passes away, it is often one of the most helpless and depressing situations to deal with in life. The situation is even worse when the death occurs in an untimely manner and planning a funeral must be done at the spur of a moment without enough money to do so. Fortunately, there are numerous ways in which a funeral can be performed, and some methods are more affordable than others. A sea burial is one of the options that is worth considering for a deceased loved one, especially if they had a love for spending time boating or other water activities. This article contains information that can answer a few of the questions in regards to choosing a sea burial for a deceased loved one.

Are Sea Burials Legal in the United States?

It is legal for someone to burial their deceased loved one at sea in the United States. However, there are rules that must be followed during the process, which can vary between different states. For example, if you opt for a full-body sea burial without cremation being done, there might be a law that requires the body to be weighted before being placed in the water. The reason why is to ensure that the body sinks down in the fastest manner possible. There are also laws that require sea burials to be carried out within a specific distance from land, such as not being done too close to it.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Sea Burial?

Planning a funeral can be devastating for the loved ones of someone who is deceased, which can also interfere with properly grieving the death. A benefit of burying a loved one at sea is that it can be planned a lot faster than with a ground burial. One reason for the fast planning is that there is no need to shop around for a casket or other things that are commonly needed for ground burial funerals. Another benefit is that there can still be a typical funeral ceremony and gathering with loved ones before the body is buried at sea.

How Expensive Is a Sea Burial?

You should expect a burial at sea to be a lot more affordable than ground burial. The exact cost will vary based on whether you are getting your deceased loved one's body cremated, the chosen charter company, and several other things. You can have a sea burial for under a thousand dollars in many cases.

To learn more about burials at sea, contact a local burial service.