Expanding polyurethane foam can be helpful for several different projects you might want to get done around the house. Here are just four that may be of interest to you:

Seal Your Windows and Doors

A great way to make sure that all your home's windows and doors are well-sealed so outside air stays where it should is to treat them with expanding polyurethane foam. The foam can be sprayed right between the wall and the window frame, and it will expand into any seams and gaps that are present, which should help seal up the entire frame. After the foam dries, you can sand it down to make it look seamless and then paint the area to make it look new again.

Insulate Your Garage

Polyurethane foam can also be used to insulate your garage so that it is warmer during the winter months and cooler during the summer months. This is especially helpful if you wash your laundry or workout in the garage, as you will be more comfortable anytime you spend time in the space. Just spray the foam around the windows and doors, as well as along the corners or the walls and the seam where the walls and ceiling meet.

Repair a Damaged Wall

You can fill in a hole that has been put in a wall with polyurethane foam to repair it and make it look like it was never there in the first place. Just spray the foam into the hole, making sure to start toward the back of the hole before working your way toward the opening of the hole. Let the foam dry for a few hours, then sand it down until it is smooth and even with the wall. Find some paint that matches the wall and paint the repaired area. You may have to sand add extra coats once the initial one dries to make the area indecipherable from the rest of the wall.

Refurbish an Old Piece of Furniture

Another thing polyurethane foam can do is help you refurbish an old piece of furniture. It can be used to create padding on a dining room chair before being covered with upholstery. It can also be used to reinforce old couch or chair arms that have worn down due to wear and tear. Just remove the upholstery and padding from the arms, spray a light coat of foam around the arms, then reupholster once the foam dries.