Concrete polishing creates some of the most fascinating flooring surfaces you will ever see. You might not think that buffing and polishing concrete, a very hard and abrasive substance, would end up looking anything like the way it does. Yet, you can get an astounding number of effects from this one flooring technique. Here are some of the really cool things that happen when you polish concrete. 

High Gloss (Marble-Like) Finish

Several revolutions of the polishing machine at a very high speed and several passes over the same area of concrete produces a high gloss floor. The result ends up looking like a marble floor, and if you use the right colors of concrete (yes, it can be dyed!), then it even looks like real marble. A lot of banks and stores that like the shinier floors actually have high gloss polished concrete.

Matte Finish

If you do not like the high gloss finish of a well-polished floor, you can get the matte finish. Essentially what happens here is that the contractor does not buff the concrete as many times or as long as he/she normally would to get the high gloss finish. The concrete is still quite smooth and very nice to look at, but it does not reflect a ton of light. 

Somewhere-in-Between Gloss

There are two other levels of glossiness in between matte and high gloss too. They give you a couple of extra options, just in case a totally flat or a totally gleaming and glossy floor does not trip your trigger. If you want to see what these in-between finishes look like, ask the flooring contractor for samples of the different concrete polish finishes, and maybe even a few pictures. 

Natural Flaws Make a Unique Floor

Concrete is comprised of lots of gravel and cement, ground and mixed together before pouring it into a floor. When the concrete is polished a lot, the natural flaws and changes in colors and tonality emerge, giving you a very unique floor that can never be duplicated. Even if you never choose to color the concrete before pouring, the variations and possible variegated colors will surface when the gravel peaks in the surface of the concrete and is smoothed and revealed in the polished floor. When you do decide to use various dyes in the concrete mixtures, then you get even more of these natural flaws, variations, and coloring. 

To take the next step in creating your unique concrete floors, call a trustworthy company like Spectrum Floor Systems for high gloss or matte finishes.