RRPI (Lead Renovator, Repair, & Painting Initial) training is a special form of training that gives you the ability to work in a knowledgeable way in structures that could have issues with lead or lead-based paint. If you own a handyman service, there are many jobs that can put you in contact with lead, and having the ability to work in these situations will always be an advantage. Here are a few reasons why that is the case. 

You will learn a lot that can be used to evolve how you do business. 

Professionals who obtain RRPI training gain vital skills that can be applied to their everyday projects and workflow, which means they commonly get the chance to evolve the services they offer and how many clients they have. During RRPI training, you will: 

  • Get direct training with skilled teachers about testing for lead, renovating structures with lead, and more 
  • Witness real-world examples that can be compared to your own processes as a handyman 
  • Learn how to properly control a lead-contaminated structure for the safety of the client 
  • Find out what kind of reports must be filed when working with a lead-contaminated structure

The EPA requires RRPI training for certain types of jobs. 

Obtaining RRPI training is not just good for your career because it gives you the necessary skills and knowledge to tackle certain types of projects, it is also legally required in all states. The Environmental Protection Agency states that any professional or company that does certain types of work (including just basic painting) on a structure built before 1978 is legally required to be EPA Lead-Safe Certified. If professionals do not obtain the proper certification that follows training, huge fines can be involved.

Your RRPI training looks excellent on your marketing materials. 

A final thought: every attractive credential you list on your advertising materials when you operate a handyman service can help yield you more interested clients who have faith in the services you have to offer. You can state that you have had RRPI training on your business cards, on your website, and any other marketing materials you use. It is also nice to include a brief explanation of what this training entailed, which will give prospects an idea of why the credential could be important to the job they have in mind.

For more information, contact a service that offers RRPI training in your area.