When you have field workers on your team mobile devices become the lifeline of your organization. Mobile phones and tablets let you keep track of your crew no matter where they are and allow staff members to stay in constant contact with the home base. Trying to make sure that everyone always has connectivity can be tough when you don't have a centralized system in place. Using mobile device life cycle management software can revolutionize how you run your enterprise.

Mobile Device Life Cycle Management Software Boosts Safety

It's hard to know for certain that your crew members are safe when they're on the road. If you have employees who travel far and wide for business purposes you need to know that they are in a safe location at all times. Although you might have set specific check-in hours you need to go a bit further to ensure the safety of your team. What if someone reaches an area where there is no phone reception? If you're busy back at headquarters and get so swamped in work that you forget the time, one of your field workers could be trapped in a dangerous situation with no way to reach you and let you know that they need help.

If you have life cycle management software you can log into the system and tell at a glance if a phone is still online. The software makes it so easy for you to track drivers and if a phone does appear offline you can try the number to see if you're able to reach that individual. If no one answers you can call for assistance and have help dispatched to their location immediately.

Keep Tabs On Device Health

Mobile device life cycle management also keeps you in the know concerning the health of the phones and tablets on your network. When phones go out without warning it can seriously hinder productivity and could potentially put an employee out of commission for days while their device is being fixed. If you utilize the software you should be able to notice when the battery on a device is starting to lose power so that you can order a replacement before the phone or tablet dies for good.

Mobile device life cycle management is an incredible tool to have in your arsenal. Make the investment and start using the software so your business can reap the benefits today.