For many golfers, putting will be one of the most challenging parts of their game. Unfortunately, this can lead to a number of wasted strokes that could severely impair your ability to play. Often, putting difficulties will stem from a failure of the golfer to follow some best practices when it comes to this challenging and nuanced aspect of the game.

Take Time To Assess The Shots

One of the most common putting errors that new and seasoned golfers will make is failing to take enough time when they are lining up their shots. As a result, there are likely a number of features in the green that they may not see, which can lead to their shot behaving in seemingly unexpected ways. To assist you are you read the green, it can be useful to line up behind the ball so that you can see the features that are likely to impact the ball's path to the hole.

Attempt To Count The Number Of Feet To The Hole

Under or overshooting the hole is another issue that can give golfers significant difficulties. This problem will stem from an inability to effectively estimate the distance between the ball and the hole. As a result, the golfer will be unable to effectively estimate the amount of force that they need to put into their putting swing. Actually attempting to count the number of feet or steps between you and the hole can help to reduce the difficulty of this part of the process. While there are other factors that will impact the amount of force that you should apply, the distance will be the primary factor, and these other features should simply act as modifiers while using the distance as a baseline.

Spend Time Practicing Difficult And Routine Putting Shots

One of the reasons that individuals may struggle with putting is that the green can be a part of the course that players will spend the least amount of time on or near. As a result, they may simply lack the type of raw practice that is needed to refine the skills that make a player a successful putter. Fortunately, there are many courses that will allow golfers to use a specially designed putting practice area that can allow them to hone this skill. When practicing putting, you should make sure to practice a variety of both difficult and routine putting shots so that you can be prepared for the situations that you can encounter while on the course.

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